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Who am I

My name is Jacob Forsyth-Davies, I am a photographer and videographer with over 7 years of experience. For me, photographing family is a very important and personal experience, and something I really enjoy being part of.

Family Photography

I love photographing families of all shapes and sizes, from huge gatherings of cousins and aunts to a family of two or three members. Depending on what would work the best for your family, we can have a photography session outside, in your home, or I can rent a studio, to provide you with the type of images you are looking for. Prices start at £60 for an hour session, which includes 5-10 digital photographs. For a more detailed quote, feel free to get in touch!

Baby Photography

One of the key elements of photographing babies, whether they are newborn or a bit older is keeping them happy and comfortable. Whether you are looking for some beautiful portraits, or a specific style such as a cake smash, this is something I can provide. Feel free to get in touch and we can discuss what would suit you and your baby best.


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