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“Professional, polite and prompt. I would highly recommend Jacob to anyone for any event. I could not happier with the photographs. 10/10. Thank you, Jacob!”

D'Arcy Lawson Baker

Who am I?

My name is Jacob Forsyth-Davies, I am a photographer and videographer with over 7 years of experience. Having covered events from black-tie galas to fast-paced ceilidhs, I am able to meet the needs of any situation and provide high quality coverage. With a focus on capturing authentic moments and providing unobtrusive coverage, the event will be the best it can be, and so can the photography.

What do I do?

Whether covering a food tasting event, an LGBT+ arts collective, or a formal ball, telling the story of the event is critical to how I work, from start to finish. Whether they are small shared moments, the time going into preparation, or a big speech or performance, my goal is to make sure everything is captured in an honest, high quality manner.

Photography Pricing information

For event photography coverage I charge £40 per shooting hour, which includes editing time and internal/social rights to image use. Commercial/journalistic image rights can be purchased at an additional cost. For longer events, or coverage of multiple events, feel free to get in touch and we can discuss further.

Videography Pricing information

For event videography coverage I charge £50 per shooting hour, which includes a short highlights reel of the event and internal/social rights to video use. Raw footage delivery, and commercial/journalistic video usage rights are also available at an additional cost. For longer events, or coverage of multiple events, feel free to get in touch and we can discuss further.

Non-Profit Rates

I value the hard work many individuals put into creating a better world, be it focused on environmental, social, financial, or other means. While I am unable to offer my services for free, I am happy to provide a discounted service to non-profit, volunteer run organisations wherever possible, feel free to get in touch for a quote.

Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly will the photos get back to me?

Typically I will have all the photographs edited, finished, and sent within 24 hours of the event. In busier periods this may not always be possible, but I can guarantee the finished photographs will be delivered within 72 hours. Video work is more variable, and depends on the individual project, but I can give you a better estimation in discussing the video with you.

When/how do I pay?

I offer the choice to either pay either entirely in advance, or half in advance, and half after the receipt of the media, allowing for maximum flexibility. I am happy to receive money through bank transfer, cash, cheque, or other methods such as Paypal if needed.

What if you cant make it?

In the very unlikely event that I am unable to attend an event due to unforeseen circumstances, I will get in touch with several photographers of at least equal quality and experience, so that one of them may attend the event in my place at no extra cost.

Do you have insurance?

I am fully insured, including equipment, liability, and indemnity insurance.

What if your camera breaks?

I have a full back-up kit with me, including a spare camera body, alternative lenses, backup batteries, memory cards, and more. My camera records to two memory cards at once to provide maximum safety, and my hard drive holding the images is backed up weekly.

What if we need multiple photographers/videographers?

I have previously worked with many different photographers and have a number I know to be very reliable and produce very high quality work. If needed, I can provide contact with a secondary photographer, or work with another you have hired.

Sounds great! How do I book?

If you send me a message using the contact form below, or using my email, I can make sure I am available and get back to you.


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